Guest Blog Post Guidelines

Guest Post Guidelines

The mission of Best Time To is provide the insights people need to know the right time to visit or explore their dream destination.  To help people know when is the right time to do business, to live life, or to just have fun.  Many things can be done any time of the year, but for some things there is a Best Time To.

Getting Started: Basic Guidelines

The BTT Team is interested in expert insights and helpful information for pretty much any topic.  Here are the guidelines for guest post contributions:

  • The title of any article must start with “Best Time to . . . .”
  • An example might be Best Time to Visit Bali.  Best Time to (visit, see, play, go, etc) Your Subject.
  • Travel destinations should include Subheads on the Weather, Crowds & Costs, and any other influential factor related to visiting that destination
  • The article must be at least 750 words in length; longer is preferred.  We do maintain editorial rights and may add to the article.
  • The article may contain a do-follow link connected to keyword preferences

Content: Basic Guidelines

  • Content must be original; it must pass Copyscape or any other plagiarism tool
  • Content should be written with an Active Voice
  • Readability should be at an 8th grade reading level
  • Article should be divided with multiple subheads
  • Paragraphs should be short and broken up for easy reading
  • Article should be divided with multiple subheads
  • No foul language or x-rated material

Submission: Basic Guidelines

  • Please contact Best Time To prior to article generation in order to confirm subject availability, article direction, and logistics
  • Please review the above guidelines first and ensure compliance
  • Content should be provided either in a Word document or using a Google Doc link

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