Best Time to Visit Seoul

Best time to visit Seoul

Seoul is the home to vibrant cultural experiences and this is where K-pop comes from.  The city is filled with historical landmarks, diverse culinary experiences, and so much more.  This beckons and answer to the question when is the best time to visit Seoul.

This question is essential for travelers eager to explore the variety of cultural experiences found in South Korea’s capital city.  Let’s explore the weather, crowds and more to find your best time to go to Seoul.

Best Time to Visit Seoul based on the Weather

Even though you are headed to the city, you probably don’t won’t to spend the whole time inside.  Seoul is positioned at a latitude that delivers the anticipated Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter seasons.  Understanding Seoul’s weather patterns is crucial for planning your visit to this dynamic city.

Spring (April to June): Blooming Beauty and Mild Weather

  • Weather: Spring offers mild temperatures, with averages ranging from 50°F to 73°F (10°C to 23°C). Cherry blossoms paint the city in hues of pink.
  • Activities: This is the best time to witness Seoul’s breathtaking cherry blossoms in full bloom and enjoy outdoor activities.

Summer (July to August): Warm Weather and Festivals

  • Weather: Summer in Seoul is warm, with temperatures ranging from 73°F to 86°F (23°C to 30°C). It’s also the monsoon season.  This means there is a greater chance of heavy rains.
  • Activities: Despite occasional rain, summer brings vibrant festivals and outdoor events, making it an exciting time for cultural experiences.

Autumn (September to November): Pleasant Weather and Stunning Foliage

  • Weather: Autumn offers mild temperatures, ranging from 50°F to 73°F (10°C to 23°C). The city is adorned with colorful foliage.
  • Activities: This is the best time for hiking, exploring palaces, and enjoying the picturesque fall scenery.

Winter (December to February): Cold and Crisp

  • Weather: Winter in Seoul is cold, with temperatures averaging 19°F to 36°F (-7°C to 2°C). Snowfall is possible.
  • Activities: Winter brings the magic of snowy landscapes and opportunities for ice skating, hot pot dinners, and winter sports.

Best Time to Visit Seoul based on Prices and Crowds

Everyone prefers to travel without the crowds.  Some of us have more freedom to select when we travel.  Your choice of when to visit Seoul can significantly impact your budget and the level of crowds you encounter.

High Season (Spring and Autumn):

  • Prices: High season coincides with pleasant weather and the cherry blossom or fall foliage season, leading to higher hotel and flight prices.
  • Crowds: Expect larger crowds during these periods, especially in popular tourist areas.

Shoulder Seasons (Summer and Winter):

  • Prices: Prices are generally lower during these seasons, offering budget-friendly options.  However, please keep in mind that Seoul and South Korea are traditionally higher than many other Asian destinations.
  • Crowds: Crowds are thinner compared to high season, providing a more peaceful and intimate experience.

Discovering Seoul’s Cultural Experiences

Seoul’s rich cultural heritage is celebrated year-round through various festivals and events. Consider planning your visit around these cultural highlights.

– Seoul Lantern Festival (November): Experience the city adorned with thousands of colorful lanterns along the Cheonggyecheon Stream.

– Bosingak Bell-Ringing Ceremony (Every night at midnight): Join locals and participate in this traditional bell-ringing ceremony at Bosingak Pavilion.

– Lotus Lantern Festival (April to May): Celebrate Buddha’s birthday with a mesmerizing lantern parade through the city.

– Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving, Date Varies, September): Witness traditional customs and enjoy festive dishes during this important holiday.

– Gyeongbokgung Palace: Explore the grandeur of South Korea’s main royal palace, Gyeongbokgung, and witness the changing of the guard ceremony.

– Bukchon Hanok Village: Wander through this traditional Korean village with well-preserved hanok houses.

– Namsan Seoul Tower: Visit the iconic tower for panoramic views of the city and enjoy the romantic Namsan Cable Car ride.

– Insadong: Explore this cultural district for traditional crafts, teahouses, and art galleries.

– Korean Cuisine: Savor the diverse flavors of Korean cuisine, from street food to fine dining, including dishes like bibimbap and bulgogi.


The best time to visit Seoul depends on your preferences and priorities. Whether you seek pleasant weather, cultural festivities, budget-friendly options, or unique experiences, Seoul offers something for every traveler.

Embracing Seoul’s cultural celebrations enhances your understanding of this dynamic city, while exploring its diverse experiences promises an unforgettable journey. Regardless of when you choose to visit, Seoul welcomes you with open arms, inviting you to uncover the beauty and vibrancy of South Korea’s capital.

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