Best Time to Take Probiotics

Best time to take probiotics

The good news is that people are becoming more invested in their health and looking for ways to maximize their immunity and overall well-being.  This has raised questions of curiosity about probiotics.  Are they good for you and when is the best time to take probiotics to make them more effective?

The answer to the first question is, Yes.  Yes, probiotics are good for your digestive health and your overall well-being.  Probiotics basically work in two ways.  The first is to help your body sustain its level of healthy microorganisms.  The second is to help the body return to a healthy level of microorganisms if there has been a disturbance.  Collectively, probiotics help support your body’s immune response.

Timing Matters – When to Take Probiotics

Wondering when to pop those probiotics? Some argue for morning whereas others argue for evenings prior to going to bed. The best time to take probiotics is in the evening prior to going to bed and then again in the morning.

Taking them on an empty stomach helps ensure they work effectively.  When you take them in the morning try to do so 30 minutes before eating.

Before or After Meals?

Probiotics can be taken with or without food. If you choose with food, consider taking them 30 minutes before a meal for better absorption.  Taking probiotics 30 to 60 minutes before eating allows the probiotics to work and better prepare your digestive tract for food consumption.

Food and Probiotics – A Winning Combo?

Take with Food for Comfort

If stomach sensitivity is a concern, taking probiotics with a meal might ease any potential discomfort.  You will still receive benefits associated with taking probiotics and it is better for your stomach sensitivities to be met as well.

Wait after Antibiotics

After a round of antibiotics, wait a couple of hours before taking probiotics. This helps protect the good bacteria.  Antibiotics are designed to kill bacteria and they are not discerning between good and bad bacteria.

You are going to lose some of the benefits of probiotics while on antibiotics, however, it is still meaningful to take them.

Probiotics for Special Situations

Digestive Woes:  Struggling with digestion? Taking probiotics daily might ease bloating and irregularity.

Immune System Boost:  Probiotics can give your immune system a helping hand, which is extra important during cold and flu seasons.

Travel Buddy:  Planning a trip? Probiotics can help keep your gut happy during travel, especially if you’re trying new foods.


Choosing the best time to take probiotics can make a real difference in their effectiveness. In the evening prior to going to bed or in the mornings on an empty stomach or 30 minutes before a meal are prime times. Consider your comfort – taking them with food can help.

After antibiotics, wait a bit. Probiotics can be game-changers for digestion, immunity, and travel. Remember, a healthcare pro can offer personalized advice. Here’s to a healthier you with well-timed probiotics!

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